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  • Stainless steel flange

    Stainless steel flanges are an essential component in many industries, particularly in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries.
  • Uses of Flange

    Uses of Flange: Understanding the Different Applications and Advantages of Flanges
  • Types of flanges

    Flanges are parts that are connected to each other between shafts and are used for connection between pipe ends; they are also useful for flanges on equipment inlets and outlets, And can be used as connection between two equipments, example reducer flanges.
  • How are alloy steel classified?

    Under normal circumstances, there are only two forms of steel plates, flat or rectangular. Rolled or wider steel strips can be cut to form new steel plates. There are many types of steel plates. If they are divided according to the thickness of the steel plate, there will be thickness. Thin steel plates can be further classified.
  • Quenching medium selection principles for steel plant

    Quenching was Ms point temperature of the steel above the appropriate speed to slow cold cold Ms point or less, achieve superior organizational performance. Need to quench quenching medium, a common cooling medium is quenching oil, water-soluble quenching agent, water and saline and alkaline
  • The measures to prevent precision cold drawn pipe cold crack

    Welded pipe has welded joints rigid, multi-layer welding, welding metal bulky, so welded joints in high-stress state, such as the weld metal has a higher yield point, it is difficult to relaxation through its plastic deformation of welded joints of high stress