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Steel Pile

Sheet piles refer to sheet piles that are driven (vibrated) into the foundation to resist horizontal pressure and water pressure. Sheet piles are mostly used for cofferdams or anti-seepage in water conservancy projects.

Steel sheet piles have rectangular, trough and I-shaped cross-sections. The lock needs to be tested first with standard short steel plates of the same type. In use, 2 to 3 pieces are often spliced into piles. Various pile drivers can be used for steel sheet piles, among which vibratory pile drivers are more suitable for driving and pulling steel sheet piles. Steel sheet piles are used in gravel and pebble formations. Due to the resistance of boulders, they are prone to skewing, slippage or deflection, thereby increasing water permeability. Therefore, additional anti-seepage measures are required. For steel sheet pile walls with a height of 3m to 15m, it is often necessary to set a certain number of horizontal beams and tighten them with prestressed anchor cables or anchor rods.

Before the steel sheet pile is driven in, the lock should be checked, and butter or other grease should be applied. The steel sheet pile used for permanent engineering should be implemented according to the design requirements. The driving of steel sheet piles should be carried out in sections and steps, and it is not suitable to be laid in a single block. For semi-enclosed or fully-enclosed sheet piles, the number of pieces should be calculated according to the specification of the sheet pile and the length of the closure, so as to facilitate closing.

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