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Field Joint Coating

Field Joint Coating

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Field coating services involves the coating of welded joints (Grith Weld Joints) for onshore and offshore pipelines, as well as in-situ Custom Coating services at the client’s designated location.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy
The same grade of FBE powder or other approved equivalent is applied to line pipe, custom coating pieces and field joints, providing continuous corrosion protection along the entire length of the pipeline.

The epoxy coating is applied in powder form by hand spraying onto a blast-cleaned and pre-heated weld area. Once in contact with the hot pipe, the powder melts, flows and cures, forming a coating with excellent adhesion and resistance to cathodic disbondment.

Heat Shrink Sleeves

Supply and installation of external polyethylene heat shrink sleeve for pipes, bends, fittings and field girth weld joints. Heat shrink sleeves have a thick radiation cross-linked polyolefin backing that is coated with a specially formulated high temperature sealant. During installation the sealant melts and flows, filling all surface irregularities and bonding to the substrate protecting the joint from mechanical damage and corrosion.

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