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Hollow Section

Hollow section is a name for square pipe and rectangular pipe, that is, steel pipes with equal and unequal side lengths. It is made of strip steel after process treatment. Generally, the strip steel is unpacked, flattened, crimped, welded to form a round tube, and then rolled into a square tube from the round tube and then cut to the required length.

Application fields: Widely used in machinery manufacturing, construction industry, metallurgical industry, agricultural vehicles, agricultural greenhouses, automobile industry, railway, highway guardrail, container skeleton, furniture, decoration and steel structure fields, etc.

For engineering construction, glass curtain wall, door and window decoration, steel structure, guardrail, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, shipbuilding, container manufacturing, electric power, agricultural construction, agricultural greenhouses, bicycle racks, motorcycle racks, shelves, fitness equipment, Leisure and tourism products, steel furniture, various specifications of oil casing, oil pipe and line pipe, water, gas, sewage, air, heating and other fluid transportation, fire protection and support, construction industry, etc.

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