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Central Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

You can talk to our online representative at any time. or Fill up below instant messaging programs/ enquiry form.

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  • Inventory Control Solutions

    We understand that inventory management is something that is difficult to perfect. We have developed numerous plans to help reduce our distributors stock-out levels to almost zero. Our custom tailored inventory programs are designed to suit your requirements; whether as a strictly price driven scenario or a full inventory management and distribution program.

  • No Minimum Order Quantities

    Steel products from Central Steel gives companies the ability to do short run purchases of pipe and order additional quantities as needed. There is no longer a need for customers to purchase extra pipe to meet minimum order requirements. This allows for better management of funds.

  • Non-Traditional Manufacturing

    Traditional Manufacturing will produce pipe at speeds far greater than installation times, thus causing the need for additional handling, freight, marshaling yards, and sometimes reconditioning if installation delays occur. we can custom tailor a manufacturing program to produce at speeds and quantities to match your installation time. When the product comes off our production line it can be delivered directly to the installation site, eliminating these additional costs and saving the customer.

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