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Product line encopassing seamless pipe and welded pipes, including butt welded pipe, electric resistance welded (ERW) pipe, UOE pipe, and spiral welded pipe.

Manufacturing facilities for pipe and tubes production 



Available size (mm)



Wall thickness


Seamless pipe

Small diameter seamless pipe mill

25.4– 177.8


22 000

Mannesmann piercing/ Mandrel mill

Medium diameter seamless pipe mill

177.8– 426.0


13 500

Mannesmann piercing/ Plug mill

Welded pipe


Chiba UOE pipe mill

508.4–1 625.6


18 300

Fukuyama UOE pipe mill

406.4–1 422.4


18 300

External and internal coating facility


Spiral pipe

600.–2 540


35 000

Electric resistance welded pipe

Small diameter ERW pipe mill (3”)

28.6– 76.4


18 000

Small diameter ERW pipe mill (6”)

60.5– 168.3


18 000

Small diameter ERW pipe mill (4”) HISTORY

21.3– 114.3


16 000

Large diameterERWpipe mill (26”)

318.5– 660.4


20 000

250  250


18 000

For square pipes

24” ERW mill

177.8– 609.6


18 500

External coating facility

200  200


18 000

For square pipes

Butt welded pipe

Butt weld mill

21.7– 114.3

2.8– 4.5

7 000

Plastic lining facility

Seamless Pipes and Tubes

Central steel has two seamless pipe manufacturing lines, the small-diameter seamless pipe mill using the Mannesmann piercing/mandrel mill  process  and the medium-diameter  seamless  pipe  mill  using  the Mannesmann piecing/plug mill process. The small- diameter mill produces pipes and tubes with outer diameters up to 177.8 mm (5”), while the medium-diameter mill produces products with outer diameters from 177.8 mm (5”) to 426.0 mm (16”).

High Cr seamless steel pipes used in oil country tubular goods (OCTG) and boiler tubes are one of central steel’s main product lines, and the company has a high level of know-how in rolling technology for these prod- ucts. In the past, seamless pipes and tubes of high Cr  alloy steel and stainless steel  were  generally  produced by piercing using a hot extrusion process, followed by rolling. central steel was the first steel maker in the world   to succeed in obtaining stable product quality in these products in manufacturing by the Mannesmann  pierc- ing process. These products were realized for the first time as a result of improvement in the properties of the materials by heavy processing in the slab stage, in com- bination with the establishment of various pipe rolling technologies, including billet temperature control during pipe rolling, optimization of piercing conditions, optimi- zation of the pass schedule in mandrel rolling).The seamless pipe mill also has processing equip-ment for production of threaded joints for OCTG.

Welded Steel Pipes and Tubes
As manufacturing facilities for ERW pipes and tubes, central has a four ERW lines. These facilities each have distinctive features, giving the company a system for manufacturing steel pipes and tubes by the optimum process corresponding to the application.

The 26” line at Chita Works produces ERW pipes having the largest outer diameter in the world. With the manufacture of linepipe using this feature as one of its strong points, central steel has commercialized extra-heavy wall ERW linepipes and conductor casings as substitutes for the conventional UOE products. To realize the same strength, toughness, and weldability as in UOE pipe, in these products, the composition design of the hot rolled steel sheet used in the ERW pipe was optimized and the cooling capacity of the hot rolling line was strengthened.

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