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Technical Facilities
Technical Facilities

Smelting Systems

One High Quality Iron Making 180m3
Sinter+1080m3 Blast Furnace
Two Curve Continuous Casters for Round Billet
One curve Continuous Caster for Large Round Billet 
φ500mm、φ600mm、 φ700mm、φ800mm

Tube & Pipe Production Lines

φ89m MM Mill φ38mm~φ127mm ×3.5mm~12mm
φ180m PQF Mill φ73mm~φ180mm ×4mm~22mm
φ219m Assel Mill φ68mm~φ260mm ×8mm~55mm
φ340m MPM Mill φ139mm~φ368mm ×5mm~42mm
φ720m Hot Pilger Mill φ273mm~φ720mm ×8mm~120mm

Tube End Upsetting Lines

Tubing Upsetting Line φ48.3mm ~φ114.3mm
Drill tube Upsetting Line φ60.3mm ~φ127.0mm

Heat Treatment Lines

φ89 Tubing Heat Treatment Line φ48.3mm ~φ127.0mm
φ89 Tubing Intermediate Frequency Heat Treatment Line 
φ340 Casing Heat Treatment Line 1 φ139.7mm ~φ376mm
φ340 Casing Heat Treatment Line 2 φ73mm ~φ244.5mm
φ180 Heat Treatment Line φ114mm ~φ219mm
φ720 Heat Treatment Line φ159mm ~φ720mm

Threading Lines

Threading Lines φ60.3mm ~φ508mm

Coating Lines

External Surface Abrasive Blasting Line φ21.0 mm -φ800.0mm
Internal Surface Abrasive Blasting Line φ114.0 mm -φ800.0mm
O-die Extrusion Process Line φ21.0mm-φ406.0/114.0mmφ800.0mm
Winding-up Extrusion Process Line φ159.0mm-φ800.0mm
Internal Corrosion-resistant Painting Line φ114.0mmφ800.0mm

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